How can I get my land title through the regularization process?


Housing Agency of Jamaica continues to regularize informal communities and their residents by ensuring that persons pay off balances owed on their lots and so qualify to receive land titles.  These payments will assist in funding the building of roads and drains, installing of potable water supplies and street lights, and upgrading of sewage disposal systems.  This is what regularization means.

To become regularized and get their land title, persons should follow these five (5) steps:


STEP 1 – Verify your lot number

If you were assigned a lot number, have the lot number verified by speaking with a Community Development Officer or a Land Titling Officer (normally located at the offices or within the community). These officers will do a check of the lot allocation and verify your information. Once the information is confirmed details regarding the lot will be provided to you.


STEP 2 – Complete application forms

For the next step, you will be provided with a few application forms that are to be completed and returned to the processing officer. Along with the application, you will be required to provide the following;

  1. National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Number
  2. Tax Payers Registration Number (TRN)
  3. Valid Identification (Driver’s Licence, Passport, or Voter’s ID)
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Marriage Certificate (where applicable)


STEP 3 – Making Payments

Once step 2 has been completed an account number specific to your lot will be provided for payments to be made on the occupied lot.

Payments are accepted at all branches of the National Commercial Bank (NCB) Island-wide using the designated HAJL bank vouchers. Payments can also be made online using the following online banking platforms:

  1. National Commercial Bank (NCB Online)
  2. Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotia Online)
  3. First Global Bank (FGB Online Banking)

*All transactions have a processing time of twenty (24) hours once the payment has been made.

STEP 4 – Signing of Agreement of Sale and Instrument of Transfer

The next step in the process is the signing of the Agreement of Sale and Instrument of Transfer. These documents will be provided after the initial payment has been made and verified. On providing these documents the processing officer will provide you with instruction on how the Agreement of sales and the Instrument of transfer is to be completed. You will be given a period of ten (10) working days to have the documents fully completed signed and returned to the processing officer.

STEP 5 – Collecting your Title

Congratulations, it’s the final step in the process, and it now time to collect your title. Upon final and complete payment, (be sure to notify the community development department so that the information can be verified on the same day) once all the necessary verifications have been completed you will be contacted through the mail and via the telephone numbers recorded on your file (please ensure that in case of a change of telephone number you notify the office at once to make the necessary change). Be sure to have a valid identification for verification process when collecting your title.

If you will be collecting the title on the behalf of the owner of the property you will need to provide the following documents;

  1. Power of attorney (For overseas customers, the document must be registered with the RGD before it is considered valid)
  2. Valid Identification (Driver’s Licence, Passport, National ID)