Operation P.R.I.D.E Developments & Information

The number of titles that are currently in-house that can be transferred to residents on Operation P.R.I.D.E. lands once payment is received from the respective residents to begin the transfer process.

Bedward Gardens St. Andrew East Rural
Beverley Flats St. Catherine East Central
Boscobel (Brownfield) St. Mary Western
Breaton Meadows St. Catherine Southern
Bulls Bay Hanover Western
Callaloo Mews St. Andrew Western
Donaldson St. Thomas Eastern
Duanvale Trelawny Nothern
Dumphries St. Thomas Eastern
Elgin Town Hanover Eastern
Fishermans Village Hanover Western
Flankers 2A & 2B St. James North Western
Fonthill – Crawford & Fustic Grove St. Elizabeth South Western
Galloway Westmoreland Central
Gravel Heights St. Catherine North Central
Hague – Martha Brae Trelawny Nothern
Hermitage – Bethel Town Westmoreland Eastern
Hermitage – York Westmoreland Eastern
Lilliput St. James East Central
Llandilo 5 Westmoreland Central
Lower Works St. Elizabeth South Western
Mammee Bay St. Ann North Eastern
Mandela Terrace St. Andrew East Central
Meadowsvale St. James West Central
Mount Edgecombe 4 St. Ann North Western
Naseberry Villa St. Catherine West Central
Norwood A2 St. James North Western
Norwood G St. James North Western
Norwood H St. James North Western
Norwood J St. James North Western
Oakglades St. Andrew South Western
Pitfour 3 St. James West Central
Retirement 1 St. James West Central
Retirement 2 St. James West Central
Shaw Park Heights St. Ann North Eastern
Spanish Villas St. Catherine South Central
St. Benedicts Heights St. Andrew East Rural
Vaughnsfields St. James Southern
Wentworth St. Mary Central
Whitehall 1 Westmoreland Western
Whitehouse Westmoreland Eastern
Winward Court Kingston East & Port Royal


Jamaica Land Titling Program

The Agency continues to hold fast its commitment to “Build Jamaica. One community at a time.” This commitment to play a significant part in nation building is embedded in Jamaica’s 2030 Vision of making Jamaica “the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business”. This is executed through the Community Development arm of the Agency.

The objective of the program is to regularize the current residents on Operation P.R.I.D.E. lands by issuing land titles for said projects. As of May 2016, the total titles in-house to be transferred was 6,959. It is important to note that the number of titles in-house to be transferred is dynamic

In the upcoming years, the Agency will continue to assiduously push to make as many Operation PRIDE beneficiaries legal landowners. The Agency will continue to engage the communities using various media as well as through strategic partnerships with various stakeholders.