Meet our Board of Directors

The Board consists of directors with diverse skill sets, experiences, and backgrounds to provide sound strategic
direction for the Agency. The Board and management work collaboratively to execute the Agency’s mandate
and corporate strategy by actively contributing their professional expertise and experiences to ensure that the
organization is effectively and efficiently serving Jamaica’s housing sector and overall development.

The members of the Board including the Managing Director are:

1. Mr. Norman Brown, Chairman
2. Mr. Sylvester Tulloch, Vice Chairman
3. Mrs. Doreen Prendergast, Managing Director
4. Mr. Steven Fong-Yee
5. Mrs. Faye Hutchinson
6. Mr. Ian C. Johnson
7. Mr. Robert Lawrence
8. Ms. Sonia McFarlane
9. Bishop the Honourable Conrad Pitkin
10. Mr. Sean Shelton
11. Mr. Wayne Strachan
12. Mr. John Valentine
13. Ms. Toni-Kaye A. Maduro
14. Mr. Seyon T. Hanson
15. Mr. Kedon Clarke
16. Ms. Neresha Jackson
17. Ms. Taj-Marie Osbourne