Standing from left to right: Gary Howell, Wayne Stratchan, Robert Lawrence, Sylvester Tulloch, Steven Fong Yee, Ian Johnson, John Valentine. Seated from left to right; Doreen Prendergast, Faye Hutchinson, Norman Brown, Rev. Conrad Pitkin , Sonia McFarlane. Absent are; Joseph Shoucair, Davion Vassel, Cleveland Stewart.

Mr. Norman Brown – Chairman

Mr.Sylvester Tulloch – Vice Chair

Dr. Patrick Thelwell – Managing Director

Ms. Fay Hutchinson – Director 

Mr. Ian C. Johnson – Director 

Mr. Robert Lawrence – Director 

Ms.Sonia McFarlane – Director 

Reverend Conrad Pitkin – Director 

Mrs. Doreen Prendergast – Director 

Mr. Joseph Shoucair – Director 

Mr. Wayne Strachan – Director 

Mr. John Valentine – Director 

Mr. Davion Vassell – Director 

Mr. Steven Fong Yee – Director 

Mr. Cleveland Stewart – Director