Housing Agency of Jamaica Limited

HAJ Returns to Profitability

The Housing Agency of Jamaica headquarters in Cross Roads

(Excerpt from Managing Director’s message in Annual Report 2016/2017)

The primary focus of the Management Team was to complete outstanding projects and return the Agency to profitability. In large measure, this objective has been achieved and the foundation for future growth has been strengthened this year.

Despite the challenges during the 2016/2017 year, HAJ generated revenues in excess of $1.2B. The performance for the period ending March 31, 2017 was encouraging, compared with the previous year’s results. The Agency realized a profit of $183M before taxation and at the same time was able to pay down some of its long outstanding creditors.

Housing Agency of Jamaica Limited (HAJ) continues to contribute to the country’s efforts in providing registered land titles to Jamaicans. This year, over 600 titles were issued to households in a number of communities. During the next fiscal year, these efforts will be significantly increased with the planning of a number of titling forums aimed at educating Jamaicans on the importance of acquiring a land title.

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